Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kernel Seasons Party Pack!

Kernel Seasons Party Super Bowl Pack!

Kernel season’s has 17 seasoning flavors along with popcorn, popcorn makers, butter, and more. With 17 different flavors there is a flavor to please the whole family.

Brian Taylor, student from University Michigan, loved making popcorn and creating personal spice blends to toss into it. Friends and fellow students loved it and came asking for more, which is when he contacted a team of flavor experts to help perfect the seasonings.  In February 1999, Brian found a note on his doorstep to meet Kernel Season's himself! Kernel Season's made it clear that he wanted him as a partner to help rid the world of naked popcorn, and the rest is history! 

 Now The Popcorn Seasons Yummy! and Delicious!!

Caramel Seasonboth sweet and savory flavors, and Caramel is the best to sweeting things up! Try mixing it with your Apple Cinnamon flavor- its like a candy apple! I like to sprinkle in or on my pancakes and even on my ice-cream to give it a really nice delicious taste! Glad that that Caramel and White Cheddar (which is wonderful on vegetables as well as popcorn)

Ranch Season- I love this on my celery, and lettuce .It is great for the dieter.Glad we were able to get such a good deal. I also really love to put it on my baked potato with some delicious cheese! :)

Nacho Cheddar  I have to say that this is the best flavor ever! CHeese is the most most favorite thing for me in the world! I can't live with out cheese. Sprinkling this on my popcorn just taste so cheesy and yummy!

Garlic Parmesan- I love garlic and parmesan cheese! I sprinkle this all over my spaghetti it is so amazing and extremely tasty! but to be honest I haven't tried this on my popcorn yet, I will try very soon.

      Kettle Corn- Im really picky when it comes to kettle corn flavor! And I have to say that this taste pretty good. And I tried microwaved kettle corn (A different brand) and it taste horrible! The kernel seasons kettle corn adds a really nice sweetness to it.

Bacon CheddarThis is seriously the best seasoning I've ever tried. I put it on popcorn, pizza, sandwiches, whatever! Has a more buttery cheesy smokiness flavor instead of all bacon. This is seriously perfect for the spuper bowel.

ButterThis low cal, low sodium buttery flavor is great on Popcorn, but also on potatoes, vegetables and a host of other items. I will not be without this wonderful seasoning.

Check them out and make sure to like them!

**** I have received this to review and this is my total honest opinion***

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Van Holtens Pickles yummy review!!

Van Holtens Pickles In A Pouch
 was given the opportunity to review Van Holten Pickles!  
A little info about us...we are a Pickle Loving Family! 
 3 Generations!

The legacy began in 1898. In 1939, Vanholten developed an original Pickle-In-A-Pouch.  Van Holten's continues to evolve using the same formula of quality, service, innovation, and passion that has made the company successful for over 100 years.

Original Pickle Flavors

Character Pickle Flavors

Lip Balm

Hearty Dill
Kosher/Zesty Garlic
Hot & Spicy
Sour Tart & Tangy
Big Papa (Hearty Dill)
Hot Mama (Spicy Hot)
Little Pepe (Pepino Picante)
Garlic Gus (Zesty Garlic)
Sour Sis (Tart & Tangy)
Lil' Sweetie (Sweet) 
Big Papa Dill Pickle

Pickles are the perfect junk food alternative. They contain no calories, no carbs, no cholesterol, gluten-free and absolutely no fat.
 My sisters wonderful burger! :D

Hot Mama: Its nice and hot. I love spicy foods. Good, very good but hot. This is your warning and if you love hot and spicy products, you will love this pickle.
Zesty Garlic: This suprisely shocked me! I thought it would taste funny and weird but I am totally wrong! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It taste so amazing and wonderful! Has that delicious garlic taste
Big Papa: Very mild and very tasty. This is my favorite pickle every!  This is my favorite because it's delicious and it's not too spicy. It just tastes like a pickle.

Hearty Dill: Delicious! This was my absolute favorite. I like trying basic and simple things! I love basic simple pickled.

Tart & Tangy: A mixture of tart and spicy. Pretty good though because it's not overly hot. If you like tart products, you'll love this pickle. 

Hot and Spicy: WARNING HOT! I am a Trinidadian and so as my parents and we eat spicy foods mostly every day! 

Dill Popcorn: I didn't know what to expect with these but they were surprisingly taste pretty good!

The chapsticks are pretty funny. They taste like dill pickles. It was so weird for me to walk around smelling like pickles lol! I thought there were going to have pickle lotion and many more.

If you've never tried Van Holten's pickles, I suggest that you run out and try some!  If you have tried them.. I'm willing to bet you love them as well. ;-)




***Disclosure Van holtens sent me their products to review.****

Friday, January 24, 2014

Javita Weight Loss Coffee Giveaway!

Enjoy the world’s most perfect coffee at home or wherever life takes you. Conveniently packaged, expertly blended and flavor sealed for a delicious cup every time, Javita’s energy + mind is available as a single pack, two pack or four pack (24 stick packs in each box). Add a Javita tumbler or Javita Sample Sleeves (25-pk) to make sharing the product and business opportunity even easier.
This giveaway is going to be for 7 individual packages of Burn + Control Javita weight loss Coffee from a rep Kelsey at Javita Coffee Company. This means it's for a weeks worth of products. This giveaway will be running from 1/23-2-6. It's open worldwide so everyone is able to enter! Good luck to everyone.

Kathy's Savings and OkFashionReview are not responsible for prize shipment.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

California Delicious Review! Yummy sweet joy!

California Delicious

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Mmmmm Chocolate, Who dosent love chocolate! I do! I would love to tank California Delicious For letting me a chance to review their delicious chocolate! It was so delicious and yummy

Here is some info about California Delicious

At California Delicious we believe that life is an occasion to celebrate! From birthdays and anniversaries to welcoming that new baby or to simply saying thanks, we take pride in helping our customers send their very best wishes. Our line of California-themed gifts and gift baskets are guaranteed to impress at first sight and delight with every bite. Our wine basketsgourmet foodfruit, nuts and chocolate gift baskets are filled with delicious fresh ingredients and fine tasting wines from some of California’s most popular wine growing regions such as Napa Valley, Sonoma County, the California Central Valley and the Central Coast. We take great pride in the unique flavors and foods we are able to source from all over our beautiful state - from San Diego to Santa Barbara, throughout the beautiful Monterey Bay and Carmel Valley, into San Francisco and the historic Gold country and along the rugged Northern Pacific coast – and delight in passing these special tastes of California on to you.

California delicious comes in so many Categorys! I wish I can pick each and one of them
They have Coffee and Tea,Gourmet Food Gift,Chocolate Gifts,Wine Gifts,Fruit Gifts,Gifts for Her,Gifts for Him and many more!

The gift basket I choose is Godiva Milk Chocolate Basket!
Godiva Gala Milk Chocolate Gift Basket

Whoo wee I sure love this review! I GOT ALOT TO SAY!! Im going to start off with the Dark Chocolate Almonds
Godiva Dark CHocolate Almonds- Its so rich and creamy and don't forget about mega delicious! I chowed it down one by one while playing monopoly! The chocolate just melts right in your mouth. The dark chocolate. It is seriously the BEST dark chocolate covered almonds ever! Just typing this review I am getting more hungry. Im craving for more yummmm!

Godiva Milk Chocolate CashewsThese chocolate-covered cashews are excellent. They are large and have great flavor. I would definitely buy them again! These didn't last very long in this household. The Chocolate was thick but not over done. Did not melt while been shipped. The chocolate is just marvelous and excellent! Im getting super more hungry again! Im going to buy some more really soon I hope.

Godiva Milk Chocolate Gems- Enjoy decadent chocolate snacks anytime, anywhere! Individually wrapped Godiva Milk Chocolate Truffle Gems are filled with a creamy milk chocolate ganache. Great gift idea!

Godiva Milk Chocolate Caramels Gems- Where have these been all my life? but I think that they are perfect sweet goodness! I like the balance of the chocolate, which is a thinner layer than I have found in other brands. And the caramel is just the right tenderness. I'm hooked!

Godiva 31% Milk Chocolate Bar31% Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar is sure to delight any true chocolate lover with its perfect balance of savory and sweet. It is scored into ten signature squares so you can break off a little piece of GODIVA every day or share with friends. I just think that this chocolate bar just taste like heaven! It is sure is golden chocolate for me!

Godiva Signature Biscuits-  Great gift! just wish it been bigger! My grandma love these and I am glad that my grandma loved it!
Our Signature Biscuit Gift Pack is filled with traditional European biscuits that are topped with a tablet of smooth GODIVA milk chocolate featuring the legendary Lady Godiva. Crisp, buttery, and full of GODIVA's unmistakable chocolate richness. Enjoy with a cup of our GODIVA Coffee or rich, smooth 

Godiva Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar-flavor of this chocolate is quite amazing again. Good amount of sugar for a milk chocolate bar. The caramel has an amazing flavor. Overall, the bars are a nice treat and I likely will order these again.

Godiva milk chocolate is famous around the world for exquisitely rich, silky smooth milk chocolate. For the milk chocolate lover in your life, this premium assortment is sure to delight. Indulge them with milk chocolate caramels, chocolate covered cashews, chocolate almonds, milk chocolate with caramel bar, 31percent cacao chocolate bar, milk chocolate truffles and Godiva signature chocolate biscuits. Simply exquisite.

Make sure to stay connected with them!
Stay Connected

This review is in my honest review! I love this company very much and I give them 100 stars!!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ozery Bakery! Skinny Dippers Review

Ozery Bakery Skinny Dippers

Hello everyone! My fellow readers! I am here to today to talk to you about Ozery Bakery! I would like to thank them for giving OkFashion to review their products! And I got pretty amazing results

Who is Ozery Baker?
Our company started as a small, family-owned bakery 15 years ago, and not much has changed. We have welcomed new faces and helping hands over the years, but what started as a business with a father, Al Ozery, and his two sons, Alon and Guy, is still the same. Today, our father is enjoying semi-retirement and we work hard to make him proud.

Every good sandwich starts with a stellar slice of bread. We realized just how true this was while making lunch one day, back in 1997. Tired of store bought bread, we baked up a loaf from our own family recipe, and passed it around. The hot bread had a chewy texture and smelled like fresh wheat, without any funky ingredients. From the first bite, we knew we were onto something. Certain that our customers would love the same fresh, flavorful bread for their sandwiches, we began selling them in the shop. Every day called for a bigger batch of bread, until it started outselling our sandwiches!

The products I got to review is the skinny Dippers! They taste so wonderful and outstandingly delicious! 
I also made a video on the products! Make sure to watch it! It pretty much explains it!

Ozery Skinny Dippers - Multi Grain and HoneyOzery Skinny Dippers - Organic WholewheatOzery Skinny Dippers - Flax and HoneyOzery Skinny Dippers - Organic Spelt
Ozery Skinny Dippers - Multi Grain and HoneyOzery Skinny Dippers - Organic WholewheatOzery Skinny Dippers - Flax and HoneyOzery Skinny Dippers - Organic Spelt
This whole grain cracker is full of flax and sunflower seeds, millet, cracked wheatand other wholesome ingredients.
It goes well with your favorite cheeses, soups or spreads!
This cracker is made with 100% organic whole wheat.
It’s a simple, elegant cracker that tastes great no matter what!
This crunchy cracker is loaded with whole and cracked flax seeds.
Serve it with your favorite dips, spreads or on its own. Keep some handy at work or play.
For those seeking a healthier, natural choice, this cracker is made of100% organic spelt flour.
Dress it up with your favorite dips or spreads or simply enjoy on its own -- the organic spelt really shines through!
-Skinny dippers flax and honey- Skinny dippers are long grain crackers. Two crackers are a serving for 110 calories. This is not bad as the crackers are really long. I enjoyed mine with hummus. It is loaded with whole flax seeds and would be fun for an appetizer at a party.

-Skinny dippers Multi Grain and Honey- Yummy! you can taste the delicious honey! I love snacks that has a sweet side. Its very delicious. I used this with cheese. I used Trinidadian cheese with this and it taste really great!

-Skinny dippers Organic Whole Wheat- Whenever I eat this I feel really guilty free! when people think  of healthy food they automatically think it will taste like cardboard but no this taste really good as well. 

I thought that all of these Ozery Bakery products were tasty! I would recommend them for a treat. My only recommendation is that they make more products with whole grains.

***I have received these products to review. And it is in my honest opinion. I would never fake a review that would not be loyal to my royalties.***

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Barebodysoaps Review! Yum Scented Soap!


I have to thank BareBodySoap to give me their products to review! I love experiencing new soaps. And woah I got to say that I love these soaps so much! Okfashionreviews family says Thank You!!!
I truly appreciate Rosanne’s mission to minimize the toxins her family is exposed to, as well as the way she drew inspiration for her soaps from the clean air and blue skies of rural Wyoming. We also live in the country, and being so close to creation and it’s simple goodness really does give you a fresh perspective.
The ingredients in Bare Body Soaps are coaxed from the wholesome bounty of the Earth; lovely things like olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil top the list, and then each different soap includes a variety of essential oils with beneficial properties. Lavender to calm, oatmeal to soothe, rosemary and mint to invigorate and so on. Each 4 ounce bar is $5.00 and is hand crafted with certificate vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

love using all-natural soaps. They don’t strip my skin and leave it dry and itchy. They usually have very pleasant scents and offer the benefits of natural ingredients such as exfoliating oatmeal, astringent peppermint, or healing french green clay. Recently, I  received two organic soap samples from Bare Body Soaps Organics. My verdict? These soaps are wonderful!

How to take care of these soaps you need a soap dish where they can drain. If you do not do this they will not last as long. I really like using these bars of soap because they leave you skin smelling good. I also like them because I do not break out or allergic to them which is great. 

I had the privilege to try out Bare Body Organic Soaps in the Cocoa Mint Soap & Oatmeal soap.  We were extremely pleased!  I totally love the packaging!   It is simple but in my opinion really stands out and would draw my attention because of the Eco-friendly nature.  My family are environmentalist 

Chocolate mint has always been a scent I enjoy.  So I was excited to try it out and it far exceeded my expectations.  It had a great texture and worked as a gentle exfoliate as well as an awesome soap.  As you know my family are all about smells and both soaps met with their approval!  They lathered well ans really left our skin feeling clean and refreshed. The scents were not over the top but were a perfect balance to actually enjoy them. And also i really love chocolate. I wish this bar was edible!

The second thing I received  is the Oatmeal Soap Bar. I just really love it! its nice and simple. My mom has really sensitive skin and she cant try to much extravagant soaps. So I let her try the oatmeal soap and it didn't cause her any breakouts. It left her skin all soft and smooth. She gave me a little piece to try and it is wonderful!. If you have really sensitive skin like my mom and me then try their Oatmeal bar soap. Extremely great texture as well! 

Connect With Bare Body Soaps

If you can’t wait to give Bare Body Soaps a try, head over to their website to check them out!  You can purchase either soap sets or single bars for $6.00.  You can also connect with Roxanne from Bare Body Soaps on Facebook and Twitter.  Also head over to the Bare Body Soap website

Thank You everyone for reading this post! I really appreciate it!

Disclosure: I was provided with the soaps at no charge for my review.  All opinions expressed are truly my own.